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1. What is a filter kettle?

A filter pitcher is a container used to filter impurities and contaminants from tap water or other water sources. It has a built-in filter that purifies water and provides cleaner, safer drinking water.

2. How does a filter kettle work?

Filter kettles use a variety of filtration technologies, including filter cotton, coconut shell activated carbon, and exchange resin. They can capture suspended particles, odors, microorganisms, etc., providing fresher water quality.

3. What kind of water source is the filter kettle suitable for?

Filter kettles are suitable for tap water, well water, or other common drinking water sources.

4. Does the filter element of the filter kettle need to be replaced regularly?

Yes, the filter element of the filter kettle needs to be replaced regularly to ensure the filtration effect and water quality. The replacement cycle depends on the frequency of use and water quality, our filter water bottle replacement cycle is 2 months.

5. Are filter kettles suitable for outdoor activities?

Yes, filtered water bottles can be used for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, etc. Filter kettles are designed to be lightweight and feature an effective filtration system to provide safe drinking water in outdoor environments.

6. Is the filter kettle suitable for hot water?

Applicable water temperature for filter kettle: 41℉-100.4℉

It is not recommended to pour superheated water directly into the kettle as this may affect filter performance and material resistance.